Compost Specifications

The FSI "Fp2 Commercial Compost Spinner" is a unit that stands out from in a crowd. This unit has the ability to broadcast composted material 60 feet wide and up to 8 ton, with even & unmatched uniformity in One Pass Application. The "Fp2 Commercial Compost Spinner"is outfitted with Scales & Digi-Star display combined with the Trimble Ez-Guide 500 & Ez-Steer system to accurately apply your desired rates.

No guessing, you now know how many pounds were applied where. The optional scale system used on this unit, included a Digi-Star 400 indicator and 6 massive 2½ weigh bars. Total scale system capacity is 120,000 pounds or 60T. The indicator is also available with a RS 232 data port.

No skips or doubles, with the Trimble guidance system. When there are 25 Ft or more feet between passes, it is difficult to guess how far to set over for the next pass, and that is in a field that with straight sides. If the field being spread is irregular or if there are objects in the field that must be spread around, it is impossible to, get it right. When added, the Trimble EZ-Steer keeps the units on the programed path. The ease of getting it right, has to be experienced to be believed.

Repeatability. Digital displays for floor speed, spinner speed and gate height allows an operator to get it right every load. no more guessing! The only thing that changes is the type of material being spread. You can quit spreading, go come back the next day or next week and return the FSI Fp2 Compost Spreader to the same settings.

Use of a beater between the metering gate and the spinners, ensures a more even flow of material to the spinners and breaks up any clumps in the product.


Dual 38" spinners with 6 blades each, insure a uniform spread. the spinner speed can be changed from 400 - 750 as needed for different materials and spread widths. 
Not one size fits all, FSI has units for both three and five wheel floaters (TerraGator style), conventionall trucks from 18 - 24 Ft, semi trailers from 30 - 35 Ft. Plus units to be pulled by farm tractors.