Delivery Specifications

FSI has built forage boxes for over thirty years, it isn't uncommon to see 20 year old units still feeding cows. FSI, has utilized 30 years of experience combined with new components and design to produce a new series. Today not only is equipment bigger and used more frequently, down time must be kept to a minimum. The performance & reliability of a fully hydraulic driven Commercial Delivery Series meets those demands. They still feed baled hay, corn silage just like the old units, if needed.

Feed TMR to beef or dairy. With the optional scale system record the amount delivered to each pen. Bed stalls, the high speed conveyor will put the bedding where you want it. With the optional tailgate haul green chop or silage from the chopper or move silage from the pit to the commodity area. Three separate pumps in a common case power three separate motors. The floor, beaters and discharge conveyor each have their own system. A variable speed control for the floor chains allows you to regulate the amount of material that is being discharged.

Hydraulic Takeups
Adjust floor chain tension with a grease gun. Three grease fittings are used to tension the three separate sets of floor chains. All floor chain bearings are the proven, long lasting babbit bearings, idler sprockets are used not rollers.

Floor Chains
Super heavy floor chain is standard with the Commercial Delivery Series



Bedding Conveyor Option
A 30 " belt operates over 6" rollers. Under the belt UHMW is used to reduce drag.

Feeding Conveyor Option
A 30 " steel chain discharge running on C55 is also available..

Standard Features:
7.5 Ft wide inside71" sides above floorFloor 3/16" plateSides 10 ga6 - W78 floor chainsFloor shaft W/ 2 3/16" bearingsBidirectional floorBelt or Chain dischargeThree beatersHydraulic drive separate motors for floor beaters and conveyorVariable speed for both floor and conveyorEz adjust idlers for floor chainSelf locking hydraulic tailgate

Scale SystemStainless steel liners for floor and or sides
Deliver what you want, at the rate you want. Feed cows in the morning, haul silage in the afternoon, and bed stalls later.