Spreader Specifications

More than "Just a Spreader"

Cab Control Panel

Two gauges display the pressure on both the floor and beaters. Being able to see the pressures allows you to better operate your spreader.An hour meter to the right of the pressure gauges shows how many hours the hydraulic system has been running.The variable speed floor control below the pressure gauges, allows the adjustment of the floor speed up to an unloading time of less than 90 seconds when you are using the spreader to stock pile or when you are unloading silage. The switch in this control is used to stop the floor. An example of its use would be, when turning around at the end of a field there is no need to disengage the PTO, just flip the switch.The PTO controller is also located in this panel for convenience of operation.Two switches below the PTO controller open the slurry gate and swing out the beaters.Control the spreader from the Cab.

Oil Reservoir
The oil reservoir has a combined oil level and temperature gauge. FSI uses a micron filter for the breather on the reservoir. This type of breather is used to prevent dirt from entering the system. The oil used is rated for cold weather operation, you don't have to worry about an oil heater for cold weather operation.

Control Box
All solenoid valves and other electronic controls are in a control box, mounted out of the way under the edge of the spreader in a heavy duty weather tight box. Mounted in front of the control box is a full flow oil filter. All oil entering the hydraulic pumps is filtered.The entire system has been designed with the thought of eliminating as many problems as possible. From the control panel in the cab to the control box, the components that make up the brain of an FSI EzSpred Fp are protected from the dirt and acids the can cause a system to fail. No control cables are used, so you don't have to worry about cables becoming rusty and failing.

Hydraulic Pump And Motors
FSI has developed a unique hydraulic system. There is no flow control, which needs frequent adjustment. Ease of operation and safety are two of the many benefits when you purchase an EzSpred Fp.

Dual Hydraulic Pump
Two separate pumps in a common case. Using separate pumps for the floor and beaters, means each system is independent of the other. Both systems use the same reservoir and full flow filter.

Floor Motor
A low speed high torque, 25 gallon per minute motor powers the floor, no gearboxes are used. Using a separate pump for the beaters and floor, means no flow control is needed. Fully loaded, half empty, the floor operates at the same speed.

Beater motor
The beater motor is a 35 gallon per minute motor. Before the motor becomes overloaded and stalls, a pressure switch stops the floor motor. When the pressure is reduced the floor is restarted. It isn't possible to include safety features of this type unless there is two separate systems.

Babbit Bearings
All floor chain bearings are babbit style, this type of bearings doesn't have seals. FSI has found these bearings withstand the harsh environment of dirt and acids. Should one need replaced the two piece design makes it a much easier.

Positive Idlers
The positive tension idlers used on the beater drive chains, always follow the chain. At times,when spreading, the beater chains operate with variable loading. Positive tension idlers reduce chain wear and damage.

Some States now require fenders on trucks of this type. Fenders are standard on an EzSpred Fp.

1/2" replaceable beater teeth are standard. When the beaters become overloaded, the EzSpred Fp is designed to stop the floor. When the beaters return to normal operating pressures, the floor is restarted by the system.

EzSpred Fp with Hi-sides
The optional Hi- sides increase the capacity of the EzSpred. J bolts are used to fasten the 3 & 4 foot sides through the stake pockets, which are standard on the spreader. The inside height of the spreader becomes 74" on the low side and 86" on the high side. The swing out tail gate is latched in the floor chains. From the cab console start the floor and the tailgate unlatches. The slanted tailgate, helps with more uniform unloading and quicker clean out. After unloading, start rolling forward and hit the breaks once and the tailgate latches back in the floor. Unloading time is less the 90 seconds and can be as low as 78 seconds. Twelve ton loads are common.

To convert spreader for hauling forage, remove the beater assembly & slurry gate. Use the pins provided to hold the hydraulic cylinders. Add the sides and tailgate, lifting brackets are provided on the sides.

If needed when filling some types of baggers a barndoor style end gate can be ordered. Also a remote can be used to stop and start the floor. Not only can a EzSpred with Hi-sides unload quicker than a 20 ft dump box, you don't have to worry about it tipping over.

Download: Fp2 EzSpred Brochure